Good Time to Sell?

Posted by Gregg Amaral on Monday, October 14th, 2019 at 11:28am.




Fall is Here!!


That's right... grab your boots and jackets the fall weather is here. Well, not too fast, this is still South Florida. So what does fall in South Florida mean? It means car carriers are heading south on I-95 and the restaurant waiting times will be longer. However, that is not all, it also means its a great time to sell your home. Really? You may ask why that is, "I thought it was slow during the holiday season?" (I know I can't believe its the holiday season already but it is) 


Here is why, the kiddos have gone back to school and the snowbirds are coming back down. What do snowbirds and school have to do with each other? Who wants the headache of selling their home while its summer vacation right? You want to be on vacation with the kids and enjoying summer weather, exactly what we love to call "snowbirds" do in the summer. They enjoy the non-humid weather in the North, can't blame them right? That creates a smaller buyer pool in the summer, less eyes on your home that is listed which in turn, creates less sellers. Who wants to try to list their home with limited showings? No one. 


So what better time to list your home than when a whole new pool of buyers returns back down the wonders of South Florida? The time is now, before the immediate holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas come into town and family life gets hectic. So clean up the house, get it painted, and contact your local Home Sales Palm Beach realtor to get it sold and find your next dream home. 


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