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Thats right, you read that right!! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!! Why is this? Isn't the market slow? Whats going to happen to home prices in the next few months? These are all great questions that a lot of potential home buyers and home sellers are trying to find the answers for in today's ever-changing Real Estate market. So let me help yo out by answering some of these questions. Here goes.....


- Yes the home buying and selling market is traditionally slow during the holiday season, however, thats to be expected right? Who wants to go through the headaches of buying or selling a home during the stressful holiday times. Well those people that are generally looking to still purchase a home during this time are usually the ones without families and/or the empty nesters. Makes sense right? 485 of Florida residents have children which all but eliminates their motivation to buy during the holiday season. Shopping for kids and home buying surprisingly don't go well together. So expect the available homes on market to increase substantially in the next few weeks when everything slows down. More homes= more buying power for buyers. 

- With the availability of homes coming to a rise after the New Year expect prices to taper off and level out. remember, the more inventory there is the less competitive the market will become. Simple supply and demand so keep an eye on that home you love because after the New Year if it's still available, it may be more cost effective. 

- Thinking of selling? Well now is the time, as mentioned more properties get listed after the New Year in South Florida than any other time. This is due to the influx of people coming south for the winter as well as an open schedule for most people. So get that property listed ASAP before the rush beats you to it. 


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