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Thats right, you read that right!! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!! Why is this? Isn't the market slow? Whats going to happen to home prices in the next few months? These are all great questions that a lot of potential home buyers and home sellers are trying to find the answers for in today's ever-changing Real Estate market. So let me help yo out by answering some of these questions. Here goes.....


- Yes the home buying and selling market is traditionally slow during the holiday season, however, thats to be expected right? Who wants to go through the headaches of buying or selling a home during the stressful holiday times. Well those people that are generally looking to still purchase a home during this time are usually the ones

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Knowing when to purchase a home is a big decision, one that people tend to almost spend too much time on. There are a lot of things that determine when is a good time to purchase your next home. People tend to ask when is the best time to buy a house? Does such a moment exist when all lights turn green, guaranteeing this is a decision you won’t regret? While there is no crystal ball in the real estate world, there are some signs that will determine if you are ready to purchase your first or your next home. Let’s check out some of these details.

For most people this is the biggest factor when determining if it is a good time to purchase a home or not, as well it should be. Determining first and foremost what you have available for a down

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A lack of supply in available homes is slowing in South Florida, however, the shortage of listings keeps pushing prices higher as buyers have little choice but to pay more for what they want.

Sales of existing single family homes declined in August from a year earlier in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade.

It was the second consecutive annual decline in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties and the fifth in a row for Broward county.

Sales have been unable to break out because there are simply not enough homes for sale. Median prices have been on the rise in the trip-county area region since 2012.

Buyers need to focus on ready,aim,fire. As a buyer you need to be pre-qualified and ready to go. Prices will continue to rise for a while, however,

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Looking at placing your home on the market and want to get the best possible price when you sell? Here are some simple things that you can do, things that could considerable increase your home value and leave you will additional money in your pocket.

That’s right the kitchen is the king of home value!! While adding Granite, Quartz, or Marble countertops can increase your home significantly adding those features with a high grade cabinet system and new appliances can be the difference between getting a full price offer or receiving a low ball offer, and we all know what kind of offers we want.


The old adage “Bigger is better” can be true especially in

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